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Calendar and events
Jan 23, 10 2:42 PM
Need a fourth
Jan 23, 10 12:55 AM
Jan 22, 10 9:57 PM
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Welcome to Dead Silence...

         Dead Silence is a website for our clan team on gamebattles. This is were we do all our behind the scenes work. Here we try to keep things  fairly organized and easy for people to use. There has been many times I would go to a team website and things were just confusing. Our team is fairly new so we do not have much activity "yet", but  when we get our website fully up and going and we have a finnal player on the team, we will be well on our way to getting our name out there. If you have any questions about the site, gamebattles team, or even things that could make the site better  just email me at Thanx and I hope you find this website usefull:)


Calendar and events

Ern3st TBass2nd, Jan 23, 10 2:42 PM.
        Be shure to drop in once in a while to view our calendar on the left side of your screen under Site Pages. Our calendar will show you future events and things to come in the month. If you look at the top right hand corner you should see an area that says "Events". This will keep you posted on  whats coming up in the week. So stay alert to the calender and the events. Well that's all for now.

Need a fourth

Ern3st TBass2nd, Jan 23, 10 12:55 AM.
Well I have my eyes open for a fourth person to join the team. Right now we have three including myself and we only need one more to have a complete team. So if anyone would like to join just message me on Xbox live @ Ern3st TBass2nd and i will give you further instructions:)


Ern3st TBass2nd, Jan 22, 10 9:57 PM.
        Ok so heres whats new. Im making t-shirts with the bloody fatal headshot logo and the dead silence team logo. If you would like one made I need your shirt size, and your xbox live name. The reason I need your live name is because I'm going to be putting your xbox live name on the back so it kinda looks like a jersy. People that are on the team will get one free but if they want another they will have to pay $15.00 . If you are not on the team then you will have to pay $15.00 . If you have any questions you can email me at or message me on xbox live to Ern3st TBass2nd. Thanx and see you online.
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